Highlights of the Building

Green Building LEED’s Platinum Certification under IGBC for LEED Gold Certification.


Open Stilt Area with water bodies, green areas, break-out seating etc.


Parking for vehicles inside the building complex, on Ground as well in in our two basements


Optimum use of natural light penetration into the office areas in order to reduce use of Artificial lighting thereby satisfying Green building requirements by reduced energy consumption.


External sun facing glass panels are DGU’s so that heat ingress into office areas is reduced; resulting in the reduction of requirement of Air-conditioning, and hence reduction in energy requirement of the building.


Rooftop common cafeteria for usage by all occupants of the building with a Seating capacity of 150. The external seating area has mist-cooling to enable comfortable seating even in harsh dry summer months.


Common water treatment plant for supply of safe drinking water into individual office areas.


Voluntary installation of a sewage treatment plant in order to recycle water which is used for all Horticulture, Cooling Towers and Toilet flushing. This saves us a huge quantity of fresh-water which would otherwise be consumed.


Dedicated charging points for battery driven GREEN vehicles. Dedicated parking slots for Carpool vehicles.

Details of the Project

Building Location

“Chimes 142” is planned to be built at Plot No. 142, Sector 44, Institutional Area, Gurgaon. The land measures an area of 3,576 Sqm. Strategically located as a corner plot with two side road and one side park facing, the  is at a walking distance from HUDA City Centre Metro Station on Gold Souk Road.

Building Configuration

“Chimes 142” will be built with 2 basements, a Stilt Floor at Ground Level, one above ground parking floor and 6 Office Floors. The basements will be used for Car parkings and Building Services areas to house HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Fighting, Electrical systems etc. ,The Stilt Area will accommodate the common building reception and an open area.

Building Type

“Chimes 142” will be Class-A building designed to withstand earthquake as per Zone-V Seismic Zone. The building will be built with a Objective to be a  LEED Platinum Certified Green building under IGBC. The building will be based on Column and flat slab RCC structure with concrete block walls with cement plastering and textured paint exteriors. Majority of north face of the building will be a glass façade for allowing maximum natural light penetration into the building. All external glass panels will be Double Glaze Units to minimize heat gain into the building. Many other environmentally friendly design features will be incorporated into the building to make it unique in many ways.

Number of Elevators

“Chimes 142” will have 3 Passenger Lifts and 1 service lift. All the three passenger lifts will be synchronized to ensure minimum waiting time at any floor at any given time.


“Chimes142” is designed to provide adequate parking for Cars and 2 wheelers inside the building complex.. Basements are futuristically designed to  install two stack mechanical parking units in order to  increase the capacity of car parking facility in the basement areas.

Power Backup

“Chimes 142” will have 100% power backup by Diesel Generator Sets with N+1 redundancy. All the DG Sets will be synchronized with Auto Mains Failure ( AMF ) start ensuring the time delay between Grid Power failure and DG power take over to be  maximum 25 Seconds.

HVAC System

“Chimes 142” will have an advanced and energy efficient air-conditioning system which will provide cost saving for operations and maximum flexibility to the building operations. The HVAC system will be operated by an Intelligent Building Management System  ( IBMS ) to ensure indoor temperature of the building is maintained at 22  ±2 Degrees during the hot summer months in North India.